How to Fairly Compare Moving Quotes

Manson Slik,

When moving, it’s a good idea to compare fees from various agents and their commitments/strategies for marketing your property and closing the best deal. You need to find the right person, at a price you’re comfortable paying. But when you’re analyzing costs involved in transition services, the comparison is a little more complex. Transition service is a “one-stop shop” approach to moving; with a return proven in decreased stress, faster sales, and maximized sale prices. It is much more than the selling and buying of property, and it is a mistake to compare the costs as such.

Typical Real Estate Fees

Real estate fees are paid by the “seller”; and they are generally agreed upon in advance as a percentage of the final sale price. It is not uncommon to pay 5% (although somewhat negotiable), which is split between the seller’s and buyer’s agents. On $100,000 this works out to $5,000.