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Nicky Breeze

Nicky is a licensed Real Estate Sales Representative and Marketing Manager, she joined the Gordon's Team in April of 2011. Originally from Kitchener-Waterloo where she studied Sociology at the University of Waterloo, Nicky has a background in Marketing, Sales & Public Relations with 10+ years experience in the field.

What Having to Move Can Teach Us

Nicky Breeze,

packingby Jasmine Sweatman

A few weeks ago, our colleague, Paul Fensom, blogged about his neighbor who had to move under unfortunate circumstances.  This neighbor’s father, suffering from Alzheimer’s, had to be moved to a long term care facility but as the father had never finalized powers of attorney, the PGT became his guardian for property and the daughter who lived with him was put out of the home so the house could be sold all despite the father’s informally expressed intention that she be able to remain there for her lifetime (and receive the house as a gift following his death).

The 5 Stages of Home-Staging Grief

Nicky Breeze,

The family photos had to go and the walls needed painting. After three decades in the same home, feelings were bound to run deep

Original Post by: Karen Alton

From The Globe and Mail Published on Tuesday, May. 04,

Back in the sixties, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross codified the five stages of grief to help us cope with the loss of a loved one. Recently, I discovered that the emotional turmoil of home staging plays out in a weirdly similar fashion. Trust me, there is a thin line between grief and interior decorating for a quick sale.