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Manson Slik

Manson Slik is a Real Estate Broker and partner with Gordon’s Estate Services. To date, Manson has managed the sale of over 2,000 residential and commercial properties through traditional MLS listing and by competitive bid/auction.

When is the Right Time to Sell?

Manson Slik,

When our customers think about downsizing, they often ask about the market and when is the best time to sell their home. The answer is: Anytime you’re ready. 

While there are always determining factors that can influence the fluctuations in listing and sale prices, there’s always a market and anytime is a good time to sell. People aften consider these factors when trying to decide when is the best time to list:

Supply and Demand

Is my home or neighbourhood in demand? A home that is situated in a desirable area will likely be in demand, and if supply is limited, this will command a higher price. A home that is one of many similar on the market – i.e. in excess supply – will often sell for less.

How to Fairly Compare Moving Quotes

Manson Slik,

When moving, it’s a good idea to compare fees from various agents and their commitments/strategies for marketing your property and closing the best deal. You need to find the right person, at a price you’re comfortable paying. But when you’re analyzing costs involved in transition services, the comparison is a little more complex. Transition service is a “one-stop shop” approach to moving; with a return proven in decreased stress, faster sales, and maximized sale prices. It is much more than the selling and buying of property, and it is a mistake to compare the costs as such.

Typical Real Estate Fees

Real estate fees are paid by the “seller”; and they are generally agreed upon in advance as a percentage of the final sale price. It is not uncommon to pay 5% (although somewhat negotiable), which is split between the seller’s and buyer’s agents. On $100,000 this works out to $5,000.