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Manson Slik

Manson Slik is a Real Estate Broker and partner with Gordon’s Estate Services. To date, Manson has managed the sale of over 2,000 residential and commercial properties through traditional MLS listing and by competitive bid/auction.

What Goes Into an Information Package?

Manson Slik,

When it comes to an information package about your home, we want to include every possible detail that a buyer might want to know about the property. It’s about anticipating what your buyer will want to know.

The package provides complete information about your home. The package includes a breakdown of all the expenses of the home—for example, heating. Does the home use oil or natural gas? How old are those systems? If there are any necessary repairs, the information package provides estimates. If repairs or improvements have been done, when were the completed?

2 Steps to Ensure Your Home Sells Quickly

Manson Slik,

When a “For Sale” sign goes on your lawn, your realtor is interested in selling property, but not necessarily your property. You see, a potential buyer just sees that sign on your lawn and does not know anything about your property. So they call up your realtor, and your realtor now has an opportunity to talk that person into buying a home—any home. Selling your home means getting all the information into a buyers hands from the outset.

To ensure a quick sale of your home, we advise a different approach.

  1. Gather all the information before your home is listed. Start by putting together a complete information package that is available on a website that answers every possible question a buyer could ask. That way, when someone calls your realtor about your property, their only question is “When can I see it?”

How to Avoid Surprises When Buying a House

Manson Slik,

Imagine you’ve found the house you want, and it’s perfect for you and your family. You examine the house, talk to the owners, think it over, and decide how much you will offer. Surely, at this late stage there will be no surprises right?

Actually, you may be in for a big surprise if you assume that everything is alright with the property. Have you seen The Money Pit? In it a young couple buy a house for what they think is a good price, but the house is riddled with problems.  Just looking at a house wouldn’t tell you if the wiring is shot, or that the floor beneath the bathtub is rotted through. When buying a home, seeing an inspection report before making an offer is helpful and prudent.

What to do Before Your Home Gets Listed

Manson Slik,

You may have been told that a home buyer should get a home inspection. Maybe you paid for a home inspection when you first bought your current property. It is generally accepted that a home inspection is something only the buyer should do. This is simply not true. When selling your home, getting a home inspection done by an impartial and reputable 3rd party before you put your house on the market can be hugely beneficial to both the buyer and the seller.

Focusing on the Seller, not the Buyer

Manson Slik,

At Gordon’s we do not consider ourselves to be a real estate company. We manage transiton’s in life. We focus exclusively on sellers and their needs. We believe that if we do all the right things and help our clients make the right choices, that buyers will come informed to purchase. Our results speak for themselves with a listing to sale ratio of in excess of 95% vs the provincial average of around 50%. Because we are not a traditional real estate company, our approach is different. Our primary goal is to help the client get from where they are in their life to where they want to be. We want to accomplish this successfully and with the least amount of inconvenience for our clients.